Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Gift Guide

Another Christmas... another gift guide. You'll find a few repeat suggestions from last year because they are so GOOD...especially for the men (guys are difficult to buy for). 

We'll start with the most important first- so Santa can get on with his toy making... 


I found a few cute old fashioned toys for the boys but never the least... a pretty cool work table. I will say the car is my favorite- it's probably a much better investment than the old red and yellow peddler. For the girls...I found a few items that were on Lilly's Christmas list- including the barbies (chicken coop and national geographic). I also linked Lilly's exact play kitchen that she loves and plays with everyday. Scroll through to see all of my favorites!

The Homebody  

I, myself can be quite the homebody when I'm not off gallivanting in Europe. There are a few favorites I found for the home that would make the PERFECT gift! Dipytque is one of my favorite home brands. Their candles are incredible- the candle along would make the perfect gift. This year I asked for a record player- I love listening to Sinatra and Billie Holiday and what better way to do that than on vinyl. Another favorite find was the monogrammed blanket- it can be ordered in the same color as the Hermes and if your last name is H...than it fits! It's a great personalized gift for anyone!

A few other boutiques that I was unable to link also have great options- especially if the person is into anything French or antique.

Vivi et Margot- has a great selection of woven totes and French market bags along with one of a kind French linens and kitchen accessories.

Elsie Green- another great option for French finds- I've been eyeing her French wine glasses as I'd like to replace all of mine for the real deal.

Gifts for Guys

The trickiest feat all season. I went through so many gift guides to on store websites and nothing screamed CHRIS to me. He's not into clothing or fancy accessories and candles... he's into ...well... guy stuff? Like a whole house generator or an elk hunt in Montana.. which I have no clue about either and they are slightly out of my budget. So, I did my best to name a few. One being the Camp Chef Smoker which Chris can't live without. He uses it almost every weekend. Another item he mentioned is a pizza oven... who knew? 

Gifts for the Girls

We are probably the easiest of all to buy for. We know what we like and you know what we like! Besides a Corgi puppy... I found a few items that I thought would make nice gifts for Christmas. Including a few highly recommended favorites. The Guerlain perfume is my favorite. Chris purchased this for me while in Paris and I receive so many compliments every time I wear it- it can seem a bit pricey but the bottle is huge and keep in my's actual parfume and it come's in a super fancy case. I did link another option that smells heavenly for a lower price point. Another splurge worthy but fun gift is the Gucci scarf- I purchased this for myself back in Paris and I'm obsessed- I'm the only person wearing a scarf in 90 degree weather now.

One of my favorite and more meaningful gifts I couldn't link but you can visit their site here- Fallen Aristocrat. I wore a pair of earrings from their collection for my wedding. Every piece is made from antique coins, stones and artifacts from a European past. I highly suggest searching for a special gift here!

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