Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Perfect Ring

I can't believe I haven't written one single post from engagement to marriage. I could very well see this as a positive as I've been soaking it all in....but, now it's time to divulge all the details!

As most of you know, Chris and I got engaged last year in Chateauneuf Du Pape, France at one of the local vineyards. It was the MOST incredible experience. France has always held such a special place in my heart- for Chris to put the thought into planning the entire trip and proposal...really made France undeniably my favorite place.

Leading up to the trip and the proposal... Chris had an enormous amount of planning to do- including finding the right ring. Most of you will find this shocking...but, Chris had no input from me. In fact, I had no idea that any of this was happening until he actually proposed. He read hundreds of reviews online through local jewelers here in town and really did his homework when it came to finding someone who could specialize in customization. After a few days of researching he made the decision to go to Sanders Jewelers- located in the Haile Village center. He met with Rick, the owner and spent many visits with Andrea deciding what would fit my particular style. The funniest part of the story... he even took our daughter Lilly to ALL of the visits. Keep in mind she was 3 years old at the time and not once did she ever spill the beans about what she and "Dad" did that day. I would say that's extremely impressive for a 3 year old to keep that kind of secret!

Chris wanted my engagement ring to be unique and special. I adore all things vintage and heirloom pieces that have distinct character. With that in mind he knew exactly how he wanted to design the ring. Rick and Andrea made his vision come to fruition. They designed my ring to have some of the classic embellishments that you would see on something vintage. It's feminine, unique and still dainty. I've often been asked where he found a ring like this as it must be an heirloom but, it was completely designed to be this way. I think customizing an engagement ring is really special as it's something that will hold near and dear regardless ...
but, it also captures the thought and personal touch put into it.  I couldn't love mine any more.

Once Chris pulled out the ring to propose and after my initial shock of it all. I looked at the ring and couldn't believe all the incredible detail bestowed in such a small piece of jewelry. Secondly, I was completely enamored that Chris, himself picked and designed such a beautiful ring! If we were honest... guys aren't known for matching a woman's taste of style. ;)

Once we returned back to the states, our first duty was to have the ring sized appropriately. (Chris had it sized prior ...but, I happen to have the world 's skinniest finger.) We ventured into Sanders Jewelers and it was such a warm welcome back. They were beyond excited to hear all the details and see all the photos of how Chris proposed. At that point- I went from not knowing them to feeling like I had known them forever. There's something huge when you go into a place of business and they know you by name, know your family and make you feel so welcomed. Throughout the year of our engagement, we've been in and out for cleanings and wedding bands and each visit as special as the first. 

Chris and I couldn't be any happier with who HE chose and the decisions he made along with the staff at Sanders Jewelers. There couldn't be a more perfect ring.
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