Monday, September 24, 2018

A Summer To Fall Wardrobe

As most of you know I'm a North Carolina native who's currently living in North Florida where summer's are drawn out into fall months. While I long to be bundled and cozy in all the pretty fall frocks... the 90 degree temperature's keep me from doing so. 

I usually start pairing items with jean jackets, boots and cute scarves when the temps start to drop but I always keep most of my neutral summer pieces in my closet when the weather starts to transition. I love to wear easy dresses and skirts- it's usually an outfit I can throw together without having to put much thought into it- not to mention my choices are extremely comfortable and wear well- especially if I'm going to be outside or at work- practicality is the key!

I fell in love over the summer with the button dresses. For some reason they remind me of something I would see a Provincial farm girl wearing to the market or gathering eggs from the coop. Either way- they are effortless, cute and comfortable. I went with a neutral color so I could adjust to different seasons with accessories. It's probably my ultimate go-to - especially if I need to throw something on for running errands or I don't want to look like such a slob at the farmers market- I channel my inner Belle with this one.

As much as I love a pretty feminine, floral garment... I love to add a little boho flair into my style. When I saw this dress- I knew it had to be mine. I could easily pair this a denim jacket and boots and be ready to take on the Florida fall. Or for summer it could be styled with tie up sandals and a hair scarf- either way it's one of my favorite pieces.

(Market bag is from

This skirt is one of my all time favorites- the moment I slipped it on ...I instantly had a Julia Engel moment. This skirt is everything feminine, fun and whimsical. For summer I can pair it with tie up sandals, a summery top and walk out the door. For fall I paired it with my favorite espadrilles and a linen top.

 I couldn't let this mini get away without having her own spot up here. She wanted to be apart of this shoot and was so excited to visit this old angel oak to take pictures. We had so much fun wandering around, playing fairies and jumping off the huge limbs. If you're local- I highly suggest visiting this beauty!
I love buying these jumper dresses for Lilly- they're cute but practical (I don't know about you but it's much easier to throw on a dress or skirt for a girl- especially if they potty on their own!) Lilly and I went for a Target run and spotted all the cute new kid's clothes for fall. This jumper caught my eye!  I usually spend maybe 40.00 on a set but I scored this one for 17.99. I wasn't able to locate this exact pinafore online but be sure to check your local target. I've also bought a few from Zara that are adorable! I did find a few that I was able to link:


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