Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Sephora Sale!

I love this time of year mostly because I feel like the year is transitioning...we're going into fall and everyone LOVES fall but also, it seems like every retailer has a major sale

I've always been a loyal Sephora shopper as they seem to have every brand and product imaginable and I really love their reward system- I'm all about those samples. However, Sephora rarely has a SALE...I wait months for this to happen- much like the highly anticipated Zara sale. We obviously know a woman's maintenance can be expensive so why not benefit from saving 20% to 10% off your order?

So as of right now, the VIB Rouge is 20% and starting today the VIB and insider memberships are 15-10% off. If you haven't signed up- it's quick and free and your levels depend on how much you spend for the year. 

With all of this excitement - I've rounded up all of my tried and true's and the staples that I buy every time. I've also put together a list of items that I purchased to try... I never flee from a product that I love but I do love to try something new every once in a while- although I usually end up reverting back.

These are my tried and true favorites that I honestly can't live without:

IGK products: I love this product- it's one of my staples for my hair and I can't tell you how well this product smooths my frizzy/damaged hair. I tried this maybe a year ago and I've been in love ever since!

Olaplex: Another hair staple of mine. My hairdresser started me on these treatments after battling breakage about a year and a half ago and what a difference it's made!

The Ouai: I recently ditched my long time affair with it's a 10 to give this a try and so far I'm impressed and LOVE the way it smells!

Aerin Rose Garden Rollerball: I love wearing this scent when I'm on the go for travel or when I forget to spray perfume- the scent isn't overly intoxicating as it's very light and fresh.

Luxe Tanning butter and St. Tropez bronzing lotion: I recently switched from St. Tropez to Luxe and while they both have great factors- I personally prefer the Luxe Butter as it doesnt rub off on clothes or your sheets and has less of an oder and a gradual build. If you need something with quick color- I highly suggest the St. Tropez.

Caudalie Milk Cleanser and Fresh Soy Cleanser: I recently switched to the Caudalie Milk due to a few skin issues I was having. I love Caudalie products to start but this cleanser is super soft with my skin and keeps the natural oils to keep me from being overly dry. I love that you can squirt this on a cleansing pad and remove makeup without water if you're on the go! Fresh is a good option if you're looking for something gentle- I just had overly dry skin.

Caudalie Moisturizers: I love both of these- I actually use one for morning and one for night. The pink tube is a heavier cream and I love how my skin feels instantly hydrated. The green tube is a lighter moisturizer which works great for during the day!

Sunday Riley- Luna: I love this serum! I don't buy it often because of the price point but I love how great my skin looks and feels when I use this product! I highly recommend if you're looking for a game changer in your skins appearance!

Benefit Brow Kaboom: The holy grail for your eyebrows- I've used this for 2 years and refuse to make the switch! It's budge proof during the day but washes all well at night with any facial cleanser.

Sephora liquid eyeliner: We all know how much I love the cat eye and it's become my signature. This is the product that I use... it's 12.00 and it's AMAZING! I've used this for years and I won't ever switch - I did list the Stilla Pencil for all of you who are afraid to use the brush- I've heard great reviews about this one.

Lancome Primer and Mascara: I recently switched from Mac falsies mascara to this and I often get asked about my eyelashes and what I use. My favorite is the primer because I do think it makes a great base but I honestly believe you can use it with any mascara and still have the wow factor.

Grande Lash: This is my jam! I've previously use Latisse and Nuelash - Latisse worked wonders for me but it was costly. I switched to Nuelash and didn't really see much of a result so I read the reviews for Grande Lash on Sephora and decided to give it a try since it was at a much lower price point than any other option- WOW! It works wonders- I've been using it now for over a year and I only use it maybe 3- nights a week? I think I last purchased this bottle back in Feb! So I highly suggest this! You'll start to see results within 3-4 weeks!

The Naked Pallete: I have this one but I don't use it that often- I'm honestly not huge on eye shadow but I do think it's a great base to have for those of you who like to create more looks! 

Bobbie Brown Bronzer/ Nars Blush/ Tarte Blush: I LOVE the BB bronzer- the compact has lasted me well over a year and I love the natural color that it provides- not to mention is stays on! Another favorite is the Nars blush- a true makeup staple and I received a sample of the Tarte blush which is what I've currently been using- all 3 of these are top rated!

Anastasia Contour kit and the Becca Highlighter: So, I hardly ever contour- last time I touched my pallete was maybe 8 months ago? Maybe because I'm not that great at it... but I will say I do like how the product in the pallette applies to the skin- as I mentioned earlier I'm dry so I need something that's a more liquid base. The Becca Highlighter- I use it every day! I usually do it under my eyes- in the corners of my eyes and down my nose to have the added glow. I love the natural look this product gives you and it's powder based but not too heavy.

Pressed Powders- Laura Mercier and Kat Von D: I love them both- if I had to choose one- I'd say Laura Mercier because it's slightly lighter. Kat Von D works just as well but slightly heavier.

Smashbox Primer: I love this product. I can't live without it. I love the radiant formula- it gives me the added shine AND if I've used the Luxe tanning butter on my face- I can just apply this with a little concealer and walk out the door. I haven't tried the redness formula but it's on my list to buy as I've been battling with redness lately.

Estee Lauder Concealer and Nars Concealer:  I've been between both and both are very similar. I do think the Estee offers more coverage but requires a little more powder to set as it can smudge if not dry. 

Last but not least- Dior Forever Foundation: I've gone through many brands and formulas of foundation but this is one I will not stray from. First of all you can do from light to heavy coverage without looking like a cake. Second of all- it has SUNSCREEN! SPF 35. Third- I love how it applies and perfects your skin. If you're looking for a nice foundation that doesn't feel heavy, protects your skin and easy to apply... look no further. If I had to tell you to buy one item- this would be it!

Sorry for the lengthy post but you can obviously tell how much I love these products and use them every day. My next selection is for the items that I want to try and have ordered. I usually buy based on reviews and stars- if you've tried these products and love them- let me know!

Hum Collagen: I've been researching the collagen trend and there seems to be proven benefits to adding this to your diet- I'm all for looking younger and feeling great! I decided to give these a try instead of doing the powder scoops for convenience.

Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner: I love the bond treatment so much that I wanted to give this a try. I've been using Kenra and Kristen Ess- while I like both of those- I wanted to try something to give more moister to my hair- along with using the IGK leave on treatment.

IGK Treatments and Keratase : I love the IGK expensive treatment so I wanted to branch out with these other two products - both have outstanding reviews and over 4 stars! I also wanted to try the Keratase to see how much of a difference I would notice from using my heat tools- this one also has rave reviews.

Ouai Rose Oil for Hair and Body: This product is everywhere- possibly her best seller from her line so I'm all in to give it a try! I love anything that makes my hair glossy and smell like roses.

Summer Fridays: This is one of the most sought after products. I follow Marinna Hewitt -partner of Summer Fridays and to see her and Lauren's success has been incredible. They've made a product that literally can't stay in stock- it's like gold! It's highly moisturizing and works as a mask or lotion but apparently it will change your life- totally sold me!

Sunday Riley Treatments: I really haven't done too much with anti-aging but if it's anything like the Luna serum- count me in!

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara: So, I'm switching from the Lacome mascara to this one to give it a try with the primer. I recently started using her lip liner and lipstick and really love her products.

Fenty Beauty Blush: I've been dying to try this type of blush since my skin has been on the drier side lately. I've heard great reviews about her products so I'm definitely looking forward to giving this one a whirl!


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