Sunday, May 6, 2018

8 French Instagram accounts you need to be following

Yes as we all know, I'm a self proclaimed Francophile. Why? I don't know... I can't really explain it- I love everything about France and their way of living. It's almost like everything there is beautiful. I try to incorporate a little "French living" into my day to day life...whether it's cooking, style, plants or home décor. If you're looking to add a little French flair to your life- I have 8 very French accounts for you to follow:

1. @Frenchisbeautiful: If you're planning a trip abroad or just wanting to learn a few "key" French phrases- she is your go to! I've followed her for quite some time and I love that she shows all sides to her life in Paris - her favorite coffee spots, where to buy the cute Parisian shoes and she'll show you how to order your wine (vin) in French. This will be your French Necessity.

2. @Pariswithme: You can follow Anna exploring every single crevice of Paris, while showing you where to stop for lunch, where to see the cherry blossoms or visiting the unique corners of Montmartre. I used many of her local recommendations for planning our trip and having a very local experience while in Paris. Tip- she also does photography- so, if you're looking for a few planned "hip Parisian" photoshoots- she's your go to girl!
3. @Everydayparisian: Okay, so Rebecca is my girl! She spends half of her time in Chicago and the other half wandering around Paris looking for the next best boulangerie. I love that she has the American vibe in Paris and can honestly tell you where to go, what to do and how not to be a touristy tourist. She's also a chocolate connoisseur - France is known for it's best chocolate and she knows exactly where to find it- along with the best baguettes.
4. @ Aparisianmoment: Partner of @georgiannalane- prepare to feast your eyes on the dreamiest photos of Paris that you can imagine. From colorful doors to pink gum drops of cherry blossoms blooming in the spring. If you want some major Paris envy- this one is it!
5. @Georgiannalane: As mentioned above- she is the co-founder of @aparisianmoment. Her feed captures the dreamiest images of Paris including crystal chandeliers and gold medallion walls from Versailles- up to the blooming carousels at the Eiffel Tower. She has a wide display of coffee table books including- "Paris in bloom".
6. @parisinfourmonths: I started following Carin years ago - just as she was making her journey of living in Paris while draped in Dior. This true beauty moved from Sweden to Paris to follow her dreams in the fashion industry and I love watching her journey. I love her effortless but chic Parisian style. If you want to amp up your Parisian style- she's your girl!
7. @vivietmargot: A must for shopping and drawing French country inspiration into your home. Charlotte, the owner of the shop named after her two daughters... owns a beautiful French farmhouse in the south west region of France. It boast and abundance of old world style and beauty. Her shop is filled with the perfect French market bags in all styles- along with linens and kitchenware. She's the top of my wedding registry list! I'll take 1 of each, please!
8. @messynessychic: I do not have enough words to describe my girl "messy nessy"... First of all... if you're planning a trip to Paris- go buy her book... " don't be a tourist in Paris". The book is full of everything that you should be checking out to have a true Parisian experience- not eating at McDonald's like an American... Her Instagram page is full of cool things you need to do- like the abandoned hospital... sounds weird but it was SO cool! Or the backroom in the Louvre... who knew!? Seriously, save your self from the ultimate tourist trip and look her up- you'll thank us both!
back to Instagram I go to get my French on...
Au Revoir!

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