Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Roundup

Hi friends! I hope you all are still partaking in Sunday Funday while you still can...but if you're like me and you don't know what Sunday Funday even is anymore... well here's another blog post for you! I literally spent half my day running errands- Target... PS did you check out the Victoria Beckham target collab!? You really should- especially if you have girls- PS petite women.. you can wear the kids sizes and save some money too! We also hit Lowe's today for paint to finish my shiplap wall. It took 30 minutes to decide on colors (I hate picking out paint... just give me white...) We also hit up Trader Joes which is worse than a Walmart on Sunday- but I really should dedicate a post on all my favorite must haves from there but ...not today.
After making it home by lunch time with a toddler- we managed no temper tantrums! I finally changed clothes and put on my ugly blue sweatpants and brown t-shirt and got to work. I had to prime, distress and paint the wall... the plan was to sand it to show the distressing... well I need a commercial sander because this paint...ain't budging... I kinda gave up... it still looks good... but it'll do for now.
Now I finally have the time to catch up on my blog and catch you up with all my insta post. So, my latest #OOTD was a tulle dress that I purchased from Forever 21. I know some are cringing or are thinking what in the world- teeny boppers shop there. I'm telling you- it's now my honey hole because they have really changed a lot of their merchandise. I literally could've walked out with bags full of tulle embroidered dresses and pleated skirts and don't get me started on the cute shoes- friends... just go there and trust me. I'm really into TULLE this season so I'm bringing you a few options all across the board. It's perfect for any spring/summer events you have coming up and honestly... it never goes out to style.. remember Carries Bradshaw's iconic pink tulle skirt with the t-shirt?... okay friends.. I told you.
Where to find...

These are my favorite tulle pieces thus far that I've seen. I'm slightly obsessed with this trend- especially the bottom pink skirt- it's sold out in most sizes so snag it before it's gone and let me borrow it!
Happy weekend friends!


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