Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Madness

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I can't catch up and there's so much I need to do. I was stressing earlier- because I really want to be consistent and stick to posting weekly. It's so hard to find time to squeeze in these post - as it does take a couple of hours just to get one of these suckers half way to being published. I was searching for content to write about earlier... as much as I love clothes... I owe you guys a "life style" post...but what could I write about? Our house is in shambles...coming along but I'm not sure picture quality is there at the moment...I have so many unfinished projects...I need more this or more that... (pours more wine). So, I felt like I could be really REAL with this post. I'm TIRED. Like...really tired.
So far...I've worked...I do have a full time job- at a bank...doing mortgage loans. As if that's not a bear in itself... I also come home to 20 acres of madness and yard that needs SO much landscaping. I've planted so many new plants and we don't have an irrigation system so off I go with my watering pail...traveling all over watering plants by hand which at least takes over an hour. Then there's the goats- clean the with them...feed them....oh yeah and then there's the dogs... I guess they need some attention to- oh and lets not forgot the toddler! Oh, and the trash.. it's trash day. What's for dinner? Are yall catching my drift.... I haven't even cleaned the house at this point. I did

manage to wash our bedding tonight- scrub the master bathroom and sweep the porch. So now, here I sit... drinking wine and I'm about to indulge in oreos and milk- writing this blog post at night. Ugh... there's a new idea for the blog... clean eating and a workout routine (drinks MORE wine).
Some days we have to just keep swimming so that in the end we can say we did it.
Does anyone else ever get so overwhelmed and you feel like you lose sight of what you're working towards?
But I did muster up this blog post and I'm sure most of you can totally relate to how I'm feeling right about now. Which is why I wanted to write this post to begin with- you get me.
Until then,
I've linked some swimwear... (must do workout post)

The good news.. ALL of these pieces are LESS than 80.00!
Stay tuned for updates on our house renovation!


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