Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Madness

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I can't catch up and there's so much I need to do. I was stressing earlier- because I really want to be consistent and stick to posting weekly. It's so hard to find time to squeeze in these post - as it does take a couple of hours just to get one of these suckers half way to being published. I was searching for content to write about earlier... as much as I love clothes... I owe you guys a "life style" post...but what could I write about? Our house is in shambles...coming along but I'm not sure picture quality is there at the moment...I have so many unfinished projects...I need more this or more that... (pours more wine). So, I felt like I could be really REAL with this post. I'm TIRED. Like...really tired.
So far...I've worked...I do have a full time job- at a bank...doing mortgage loans. As if that's not a bear in itself... I also come home to 20 acres of madness and yard that needs SO much landscaping. I've planted so many new plants and we don't have an irrigation system so off I go with my watering pail...traveling all over watering plants by hand which at least takes over an hour. Then there's the goats- clean the with them...feed them....oh yeah and then there's the dogs... I guess they need some attention to- oh and lets not forgot the toddler! Oh, and the trash.. it's trash day. What's for dinner? Are yall catching my drift.... I haven't even cleaned the house at this point. I did

manage to wash our bedding tonight- scrub the master bathroom and sweep the porch. So now, here I sit... drinking wine and I'm about to indulge in oreos and milk- writing this blog post at night. Ugh... there's a new idea for the blog... clean eating and a workout routine (drinks MORE wine).
Some days we have to just keep swimming so that in the end we can say we did it.
Does anyone else ever get so overwhelmed and you feel like you lose sight of what you're working towards?
But I did muster up this blog post and I'm sure most of you can totally relate to how I'm feeling right about now. Which is why I wanted to write this post to begin with- you get me.
Until then,
I've linked some swimwear... (must do workout post)

The good news.. ALL of these pieces are LESS than 80.00!
Stay tuned for updates on our house renovation!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

My favorite spring must haves

Typically I would say Fall is my favorite season but the more and more I think about it... I'm really more drawn to spring. There's something about the warmer weather ( who am I kidding.. I live in Florida) The flowers start blooming and our yard becomes filled with wisteria, azalea's and roses. We start seeing all the new beginnings of wildlife and new life and everyday is just as beautiful as the next. Spring to me- means a fresh start and a new beginning. So, I can totally relate as to why I'm digging Spring- because this blog, the new house and new town- it's all a fresh start and it's pretty invigorating and vibrant.
Cardigan: Anthropologie (sale)
Top: lace tank from Target
(lanterns-hobby lobby)

With Spring being in the air I've also been drawn to more trends and fresh takes. I've put together a round up of all the things I feel inspired by and currently loving.
I love these chic sandals from f21!
Embroidery and bell sleeves- this is my favorite top!
this is literally the perfect light weigh maxi for spring
Dear Chris- I want this bag!
For my wardrobe- I've been living in pastels, blush and faint pinks. I'm so inspired by the romanticism with this springs latest trends. It's all so feminine and dainty- you can't help to feel perfect with these pieces.
Anthropologie has THE best dishes

Viviet Margot has been stealing my heart with these bags

Viviet Margot linens from France- these are to die for!

I love these anthro wall hanging frames- fresh new take on picture frames!
For my home- it's really about brightening everything up and really changing up my style. I've really become drawn to whites and pastels but I love the French country look and with that- I've been able to add hints of color and elegance for spring. Mind you we are going through renovations so it's ever changing over here!
Recently- I've started really focusing on skincare. I took pretty good care of my skin before but now I take it a little more serious and with the weather changing it's really important to change your routine to keep your skin in check. I've listed some products that I LOVE but also work great for the warmer weather!
I've always been a sucker for Fresh porducts so I know this is a keeper.

I'm currently using this face mask now!

I absolutely love this product! I use it with their ever so popular facemask.

Best lotion EVER

Fresh Rose face cream- get it here
Thank you guys for stopping by! Can't wait to share more of my favorite finds with you! For more information on the products listed- please feel free to email me.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

What I wore and where to get it

Hey Guys! So Last week I posted a couple of pictures on Instagram of a few of my outfits I wore to Brittany and Vince's wedding weekend (which was a blast!). I had a lot of comments on where my dresses came from - so I figured I would share some direct links and info for you guys! Everything I had on was a STEAL!
So, lets talk to the floral skirt and crop top first. Let me just say- the day before leaving for the wedding- I was running around town in search of a crop top. I literally looked EVERYWHERE- finally after forever 21 didn't have the exact top I was looking for- the sales girl was nice enough to direct me to Cotton. Mind you- I've never even heard of this store but I found it- went in and a super sweet sales girl came to my rescue and showed me several different options. One which was the winner. The store is very affordable and on trend- they are based out of Australia.
Secondly, my skirt... I LOVE THIS SKIRT. I've actually owned it for quite some time now. The brand is Show Me Your MuMu- if you've never heard of them- check them out. I love their free flowing- free spirit style. Their clothes honestly never disappoint and each piece is a statement. I did link a few options to similar style.
Earrings were the grayish/purple tassles from Betsy Pittard Jewelrey - I've attached a link of where you can by. My shoes- not shown were my oldie but goldie Zara heels. Zara's shoes are AMAZING and not only are affordable but great quality.

The Purple Dress- I purchased this from TJ Maxx in Fort Lauderdale- but low and behold Goodnight Macaroon has the exact same one! Same price point as well! As much as I love TJ Maxx- I also stand by Goodnight Macaroon- their clothes are amazing and they often do flash deals and sales. I've linked a similar dress below:
Shoes- once again these pretty pink pumps are Zara! I'm telling you... I freaking love their shoes.
Brunch dress and shoes- this dress is everything. I saw it in forever21 while searching for the black crop top. I picked it up and carried it around and finally decided to get it for roughly 32.00. I then stumbled upon the yellow strappies and fell in love immediately. They were 29.90 or something like that- less than 30.00. The dress and shoes are a must have! The dress isn't see through and it's so chic but so comfy- I road back 5 hours in the car with it on and I did not regret it. The shoes are a true statement and comfortable. They might be my new favorites. (side note: I did look for the dress on their website and I wasn't able to locate it- however, you can probably find it in stores. If you want me to look for your size in my store- send me your size in an email)
I've linked a similar F21 dress here
Similar Goodnight Macaroon Dress linked here
Shop my earrings here

If you have any questions on the outfits above or if you have any other topics you'd like me to post about- feel free to reach out to me! I love hearing from you and what really intrigues and inspires you!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lilly's Nursery Makeover

Hi guys! Thank you for checking out the new and improved House of BB blog. I wanted to do a little revamping so that you're truly inspired when you come to visit. I'm bringing new content including, home d├ęcor, style and lifestyle.
First things first- for my very first post on this new blog-I wanted to run my ideas about re-doing Lilly's nursery into a "big girl" room. It's time to say goodbye to the crib! Since we're renovating our home anyway- this falls perfectly into the category of MUST DO LIST!
I purchase Lilly a really cute antique headboard and footboard from an antique store in Georgia- I thought it was a twin but no.. I was wrong.. it's a full. Any way- I don't have the exact pictures but I linked some that are similar that you can purchase if you can't find one of the antiques you like around you. (they can be pretty pricey)
.Joss and Main Ivy Bed


I've also been looking for the perfect bedding without breaking the bank (nearly impossible) I did find a couple of pieces I really love from Restoration Hardware Baby Including the beautiful bed skirt, duvet and shams. For sheets- I'm such a sucker for Target- cute and budget friendly!
For walls- I'm looking at doing wallpaper on the primary wall... just for a statement. I've decided to go with Sherwin Williams Intimate White-( I've posted the swatch below) for the other walls. I've quickly noticed that I'm really indecisive when it comes to picking out wallpaper- I find really pretty murals and then I find really pretty patterns I love- but I can't seem to agree to disagree just yet. (mind of a typical woman)
                                                                  Anewall Vintage Floral

Anthropologie Posy

Anthropologie Magnolia

Anthropologie Mural


Sherwin Williams Intimate White

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to showing you the finished product once it's completed!
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