Sunday, April 30, 2017

Vacation Style Round Up

So, I basically planned my outfits for my trip to New Orleans and Destin waaaay in advance. I had to find the perfect pieces for the trip or else I would've been stuck wearing leggings and t-shirts like every other basic chick. ( I can be super basic) I know I typically tag my photos with the brands but sometimes it's difficult to really pinpoint where I got each single piece from - so I'm creating this post to help source each item to make it easier for you to buy.
French Quarter
The first outfit I shared was the day we visited the French quarter. I knew it would be a lot of walking and it would more than likely be HOT. I opted for something casual as well as comfortable for the stroll. The shirt I purchased from our local Forever 21 (duh) I think I paid maybe 19.00 for it? It was soo comfortable and light weight. I loved the bell sleeves- it seemed to make casual not so casual. The shorts...the day before we left- I ran around the mall like a mad woman trying on shorts from every store to try and find the perfect pair. I finally settled on the pair shown from H&M- I think they were 25.00? Talk about comfort... they are high waisted but didn't ride up - probably my favorite pair of shorts I own. The sandals are from Zara- I saw these online and because they are velvet- I knew I had to have them. These were not only cute but also functional and seemed to go with everything. My bag- this is my dream bag from Zara that I asked someone to buy me in an earlier post... and Chris ended up buying it for me because I was so obsessed and honestly- I don't own that many bags... just shoes...
Garden District
For the Garden District- I knew I wanted to take a blog post photo so I wanted something colorful that reminded me of vacation and that I could wear over and over again- in comes this romper from Zara. It's like a mullet...the front is a dress while the back is considerably a romper. I love the detail with the side cutouts and the ruffles on the shoulders. This is one of my favorite go-tos from here on out. I wore this look with the same sandals from Zara for comfort- however it would look killer with my chunky heels. I also carried my Zara bag with this look.

Garden District take 2
This was actually our last day in New Orleans and I knew I would be spending the next 4 hours in the car so I opted for something super comfortable. Of course I'm wearing the same shorts from H&M but also this striped top from Forever21- I loved how light and airy this top was and it was super comfortable! Also paired with same sandals and bag- see, they go with EVERYTHING!

Dinner in Destin
So before heading home- Chris and I wanted to stop in Destin to hang out around the beautiful beaches there. We weren't ready for reality yet. I saved this number for this occasion as it truly reminds me of vacation style. I purchased this dress/romper at Marshalls a few months back- although I'm certain they still have this in stock in some stores. It's actually a hidden romper but I love the slits and the peek-a-boo affect that it gives. It's casual but super elegant at the same time. You could pair this with heels or flats- I opted for my lace up heels from Forever21- by the way which are super comfortable to walk in- they took on 2 miles in New Orleans... I paired this look with a cute little clutch that I purchased while volunteering at our local Junior League Thrift Shop- I paid 1.00...what a steal!

Beach Day
So the last look of vacation was the beach day. We had 4 more hours of driving until we finally arrived back in Gainesville- so I opted for comfy. I bought this tank a few months back from Target in the "Who What Wear" collection. I love this top- you can mix it up -layer it or wear it as is. I paired it with my highrise H&M shorts, Zara bag and my sandals from Saks- these are the Saks brand but I bought them last summer. 

If you have any questions about any of my other outfits- reach out to me! I'm always happy to spill my secrets of where I shop! You can always shop directly at the store to see if the items are actually in stock- sometimes they aren't always available online.(PS this is not paid- I just really love finding pretty clothes and sharing them with you! )

Sunday, April 16, 2017

What to buy on SALE right now

So I know this weekend was full of family fun festivities and we are finally all relaxing with drink in hand... well kind of... it's bath night my little and I'm just waiting for her to finish her dinner.. (sigh) Meanwhile... I have an empty suitcase staring at me that needs to be packed because we are going to NEW ORLEANS- this week! Excited is an understatement. But, while all the exciting events and plans are going on.. there are also a lot of sales! Most of them are ending tonight but realistically this is probably the only time we've actually had to relax, read, shop...breathe... so I've put together just a few of my favorite items listed from the sales- some for women and some for toddlers- can't leave little cuteness out of the equation... sorry guys... I'm going to have to let Chris weigh in some "man style" influence - although he could actually careless and he has never purchased a single clothing item for himself unless it was camo- let's be real. Love ya anyway (wink wink) He always gets upset he's not included on the blog so that can be his cameo.
Lets start with Shopbop- I honestly don't shop here often but after reading about this major sale - I've browsed through and did find some really nice pieces that are affordable and designer... obviously I'm not going to steer you in the direction to by a 6k dress... it's just not me... sorry. But- they are beautiful! The sale is 20% anything 500.00 and under- if you spend over 500.00 it's 25% off. One key item I'm looking at...Levi shorts... where else am I going to get this discount!? (includes their full price AND sale items) use code: EVENT17 (everything shown is under 125.00)
Completely obsessed with this dress

My FAVORITE- hands down!
Old Navy- I personally don't shop for myself here- only because the women's size runs big on me- I'm pretty petite in height and weight. I have however, shopped their kids section for myself and once in a while it works out for me. The toddler section is like crack- they have so MANY cute clothes and shoes- I literally have maybe 16 items in my shopping cart right now and my total is probably less than 150.00- no lie. They honestly have really good sales often but this weekend or today's sale seems to be really good! 15% off and 50% off!

My all time favorite!

These shorts can be paired with the 2 tops above
We also have these- in gray

Just bought these for Lilly
I didn't have much time to put together one for HM - which is one of my favorite stores next to Zara- there's literally just so much to choose from and I could spend all night linking my favorites items but I'm running out of time. They are having 20% off your purchase over 60.00 and friends- let me tell you... they have some AWESOME dresses for summer weddings... I've already picked one out. They also have a really great kids selection- if you saw my instastory from a few days ago- you saw Lilly modeling a couple of her favorite items. Hurry now as the sale only last for 48 hours!
I can't get enough lace or tulle
My favorite pair of shoes
This cute little dress is only 4.99
I love this little tee!
Okay Friends- that's all for now! Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The cutest Easter basket must haves

So Easter is literally this weekend... if you're still looking for a few things to toss in your little's Easter basket- I have you covered! I've listed my favorite finds for yours truly...

Super cute for all the kiddos who love bugs!
An Easter basket would not be complete without these
Perfect for any little that enjoys being outside
Keep the kiddos busy with these activities
Probably the cutest thing I've seen!
The traditional Easter bunny
Lilly's wish list
for the super hero kid
bunny for spring!

I had to squeeze this post in pretty quickly as Easter is Sunday and yes I'm still last minute shopping for Lilly's basket. (whoops) Everything listed is from Anthropologie- I highly suggest browsing their kids section for some other super cute finds! There is a link to the site also on my homepage.
Happy Thursday, friends!



Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Roundup

Hi friends! I hope you all are still partaking in Sunday Funday while you still can...but if you're like me and you don't know what Sunday Funday even is anymore... well here's another blog post for you! I literally spent half my day running errands- Target... PS did you check out the Victoria Beckham target collab!? You really should- especially if you have girls- PS petite women.. you can wear the kids sizes and save some money too! We also hit Lowe's today for paint to finish my shiplap wall. It took 30 minutes to decide on colors (I hate picking out paint... just give me white...) We also hit up Trader Joes which is worse than a Walmart on Sunday- but I really should dedicate a post on all my favorite must haves from there but ...not today.
After making it home by lunch time with a toddler- we managed no temper tantrums! I finally changed clothes and put on my ugly blue sweatpants and brown t-shirt and got to work. I had to prime, distress and paint the wall... the plan was to sand it to show the distressing... well I need a commercial sander because this paint...ain't budging... I kinda gave up... it still looks good... but it'll do for now.
Now I finally have the time to catch up on my blog and catch you up with all my insta post. So, my latest #OOTD was a tulle dress that I purchased from Forever 21. I know some are cringing or are thinking what in the world- teeny boppers shop there. I'm telling you- it's now my honey hole because they have really changed a lot of their merchandise. I literally could've walked out with bags full of tulle embroidered dresses and pleated skirts and don't get me started on the cute shoes- friends... just go there and trust me. I'm really into TULLE this season so I'm bringing you a few options all across the board. It's perfect for any spring/summer events you have coming up and honestly... it never goes out to style.. remember Carries Bradshaw's iconic pink tulle skirt with the t-shirt?... okay friends.. I told you.
Where to find...

These are my favorite tulle pieces thus far that I've seen. I'm slightly obsessed with this trend- especially the bottom pink skirt- it's sold out in most sizes so snag it before it's gone and let me borrow it!
Happy weekend friends!

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